Nancy Price is a motivational speaker working with corporations, professional sporting teams, groups and individuals. She works an unusual twist. Instead of using “conventional therapy” she has created a technique that allows her clients to heal the fear and the blocks that inhibit happiness, success and potential in every area of their lives. She bridges science, psychology and spirituality in a technique she has developed called “Alpha Healing”.

Using Alpha Technique you will:

  • Become more creative
  • Your brain will stop producing stress hormones and start producing the healing hormones that will lead to stress relief
  • Access your own intuitive guidance finding more creative ways to solve problems
  • Identify patterns of thinking and how to shift them
  • Self-improvement and self-reprogramming begins to take form in the thought process
  • Your life will shift, absolutely, in a more positive and productive way

Spirituality and science are merging, with science proving what spiritual masters have claimed all along. Nancy uses her technique to bridge the two aspects helping you create a life of success, well-being and happiness.

Nancy is available to hold seminars and workshops for your group or organization. Please contact us through the contact page to schedule yours!

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