Nancy Goldstein is a wonderful healer and intuitive. I worked with her for a long period of time, during the transition into my thirties, and found her insights and suggestions to be very helpful during a challenging time of making big, life-changing decisions. Nancy was tender and trustworthy, yet she did not shy away from places that required reflecting on tough and painful issues. Nancy helped me recognize the sounds of my integrated adult voice, and from that place, I began to take control of my life and make new decisions. I am happier and clearer than before, and I’m very grateful for Nancy’s guidance.

Pamela B.

I am happy to be able to express my gratitude for my experience with Nancy.  Her life coaching changed my life. I became acquainted with her on Memorial Day 2012. My marriage of 17 years was ending. I was living in Tenn.  I was 65, had no money, no job or place to live.  With Nancy’s dedicated weekly coaching, I came out of the darkness into a new life. She was supportive, intuitive, often humorous, and gave me homework…which I faithfully did. With encouragement, she helped me move back to CA where I’m from.  I drove the 2,372 miles alone and never looked back!!! I am now living a full, happy, wonderful life.  I have a job, new friends, beautiful place to live and a man who loves me.  Thank you Nancy….I am forever grateful.

Paula R.

It is hard to even explain the incredible impact Nancy Goldstein has had on my life at a time when I felt “stuck.” I came to know Nancy when I was searching for spiritual meaning and asking the questions: “Why am I on this earth plane? What is the purpose of my life?” Nancy and I explored those questions and in the process provided the impetus or me to write a book and go back to school to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She now acts as a mentor as I continue my journey to a fulfilled earthly and spiritual life. She is brilliant, intuitive, articulate, fun, and knowledgeable. She has a beautiful, open kind spirit. Nancy touches all those who have the privilege of knowing her.

Nancy K. M.

I have been working with Nancy for almost 4 years and she has been one of the most positive and significant forces in my life.  During our work, Nancy has guided and cheer-leaded me through major life changes that included transforming from an eating disorder, changing my career direction and relocating to another part of the country.  These changes are pretty scary and, through it all, Nancy bolstered and taught me, through very soulful lessons and metaphors, that I could do anything and owed it to myself to follow my soul’s purpose.  She is truly amazing and this small write up cannot possibly describe my feelings of respect, love and appreciation for her and her coaching methods.  Who knew that finding her brochure in a little natural foods market in Vermont would be so life changing for me?   It must have been “written in the stars” and for that I’m truly grateful.”

Michele W.


I was in a period of professional transition when I met Nancy. I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but being that I was not a huge proponent of traditional therapy I gave her call. From the very beginning I experienced a trust and comfort level that is unlike anything you would receive from traditional therapy. Her uncanny intuitive insights, positive guidance and encouragement made her the best silent partner I ever had. Her ability to hone in and pull forth my individual strengths, guide me to positive decision-making and assist me in re-affirming my own ideas and intuition turned a period of uncertainty into a period of positive change. After a year of working with her, Nancy and I remained friends and to this day I am grateful for her presence.

Paul B.


Working with Nancy Price was a life-changing experience. She gently guided me through my thought blockages to uncover a new way of thinking, feeling and thus responding to life. I literally felt that my brain was being rewired into expressing my true self and moving toward meeting my goals more easily. She has helped me  to become my own best friend.


Carla B.