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With over 45 years of experience, Nancy, a gifted intuitive, brings her expertise to life coaching of a different sort. She is the founder of “Alpha Healing”; a unique method that heals the fear and clears the blocks that inhibit happiness, success and potential.

She does this by guiding each client through a game-changing pattern of thinking which alters their life. Having married science, psychology and spirituality Nancy has been able to use proven research to formulate a program to assist clients in identifying and re-programming their thought patterns so that they may create a life of abundance, well-being and success. A life free from negative and debilitating thoughts.

By the time Nancy was 19, she became a member of the Theosophical Society studying all global religions and philosophies to seek the common thread of truth which led her to study under different and well-known Eastern philosophical and spiritual leaders.   Her studies and life circumstances brought her to live in the Far East, the Caribbean and Africa.  Her methodology was developed as a combination of all of her lived experiences as well as her extensive study and immersion in diverse cultures.  She has worked with the US State Department as a Community Liaison Officer and with the US Army as the Command Family Advisor and is a sought after lecturer, media guest and speaker.

She is so happy to work with clients in a variety of ways that include life coaching sessions and telephone or in person intuitive readings and she’d love to get to know you.  Please feel free to contact her at the information below if you have any questions.